SMM promotion allows you to create a positive image of the company.

  • Facebook. The largest social network in the world focused on business communication. Great for interacting with an active and solvent audience. It is easy to promote expensive goods and services here.
  • SMM Instagram. A very popular social network in which it is easy to attract users and keep their attention. The main audience of this social network is people 18-30 years old.
  • Pinterest. An interesting service ideal for e-commerce. According to recent studies, about 93% of platform users use it to search for and purchase goods and services.
  • Linkedin. An excellent social network for brand promotion in the business arena. It is an excellent traffic provider and attracts many potential customers.
  • YouTube. Allows you to target a specific audience, create voluminous content and increase traffic.
  • Twitter. It is possible that there are the most active users here, and this allows you to spread new information as quickly as possible and generate traffic to your sites.

Why do you need SMM promotion in social networks?

Your brand awareness - New information is circulating quickly across all social media. In fact, this effect can be compared to word of mouth, which grows from the interest of users. The better the promotion strategy chosen by the SMM manager, the more people will learn about your brand, tell others about it and increase the company's awareness.

Saving the customers

Thanks to the constant presence in social networks, you can notify your customers about: promotions, the arrival of a new product, discounts, etc. SMM gives you a unique opportunity to disseminate relevant data about your services and products. This attitude is a great way to retain customers and be in direct contact with them.


It is in social networks that the most active audience lives. Social network users regularly leave comments, create posts, ask questions, etc. You can easily enter into dialogue with the target audience. And a competent SMM specialist, with just a couple of questions, will understand what your customers are unhappy with, what their needs, interests, etc. All this information will be needed to draw up a promotion strategy.

Increasing brand confidence

Users have a lot more trust in companies that don't hide anything. It is enough to create your account on any major social network in order to demonstrate to your clients a readiness for the most dense and transparent cooperation. Your customers will be able to see photos of products, employees, office, read comments and reviews, etc. at any time. And all this seriously increases the credibility of the brand.

Increasing the effectiveness of advertising new products

Smart SMM marketing will quickly draw users' attention to your new products or services. Publish a post in your community, and it will instantly appear in the feed of subscribers and they will all know about the news.


During promotion on social networks, it is necessary to form a virtual, but important impression in advance. For startups, this is generally vital. For example, you should tell in advance about the opening of your store, bar, cafe, etc.

SMM strategy: stages of promotion in social networks

  • Analysis of the audience and the market. The first step is to collect all the data on direct competitors and potential customers. After that, the SMM manager will analyze the strategies of the most successful companies, calculate their strengths and weaknesses and, based on this, place the right emphasis on the advantages of your company. It is imperative to study the target audience: select a direct audience, understand its needs. All this is used in the development of a further promotion strategy.
  • Strategy Development. Social media promotion requires a clear strategy. Based on the analysis of competitors and target audience, our best SMM specialists will develop a promotion strategy, which will indicate the goals, objectives and options for their solution.
  • Advertising promotion. Key stage. It prepares and publishes content, after which you need to look at the first reaction of users. This will allow you to identify weak points in the promotion and fix them.
  • Continuous maintenance of communities in social networks. The most important thing is to never stop and manage your social media accounts. We are ready to provide you with a content plan, write and publish articles and attract more and more new users. In addition, we will regularly provide you with reports and plans with recommendations.

If you are interested in SMM, the prices in our company are quite affordable. We always carry out the task at the highest quality and on time! Contact our managers for advice.