Technical Support

Technical and Informational Support.

It may seem to someone that since the promotion project was launched, and the traffic flow poured into the site, the work is finished. It's far from the case. Attracting traffic is only the first stage in the development of your website on the Internet. Further routine and daily work will be required to gradually improve it. And the technical support of the site plays a key role in this, because without this the resource is unlikely to function qualitatively.

We offer all our clients several packages of services with regular payment. The total price for site support is based on additional parameters. You can be sure that you are spending your money with benefit, because experienced and qualified personnel will begin to monitor your project. We guarantee operational and professional technical support of the site. Moreover, all problems will be solved as quickly as possible.

Advantages of cooperation with our organization:

  • Personal manager. Your site will be handled by an experienced specialist who will be able to quickly advise you on all technical plan issues of interest and quickly resolve the problems that have arisen.
  • Quick resolution of problems. Ordinary errors will be quickly fixed during working hours, but if something critical happens, then our employee will fix the malfunction even in the middle of the night.
  • Real masters of the business. Our company has a wide staff of professionals. So whatever problem happens to your site, we'll solve it as soon as possible.
  • Continuous monitoring. Support for the site also involves round-the-clock monitoring, which will reduce risks in the process of CEO optimization and promotion of your resource.

Role of site technical support in the project development process

Many novice site owners may not understand why they need support for the site, or simply underestimate its role. The reality is that the Internet is a colossal system, and some parts of it regularly fail. Problems with servers, hosts begin, viruses appear. And to deal with the problems yourself, you need to be a good programmer. But if there is no such specialist in your state of employees, it is not necessary to hire him. It is enough to conclude a contract with a competent organization that will help you solve the problem with the support and maintenance of the site.

When should I order a support service?

In fact, it is necessary to maintain the operability of the Internet portal at the very first time after its creation. It all starts with finding and signing a contract with the optimal domain and hosting, which will become the foundation for the normal functioning of your resource. So you need to order a technical support service at this stage. Due to this, a lot of problems related to the performance of the site can be avoided. In addition, you can protect yourself from fraudsters, the appearance of viruses, etc.

This service is mandatory for all companies making the first steps on the Internet, especially for brands that actively use CEO promotion. What is the convenience of this service is the ability to contact your personal manager online or by phone and find out how things are with the technical part of your project.

So, using our site technical support service, you will receive not only a personal manager, but also the following services:

  • Round-the-clock check of the availability of your portal.
  • In case of discontinuation of availability - prompt restoration of site operability.
  • Interaction with technical support of the hosting company.
  • Regular backup of your resource.
  • Restore site health from backups.
  • Regular serviceability check of all forms of communications.
  • Regular serviceability check of order forms and cart.
  • Set up and install corporate mail.
  • Improvement of the technical part of your portal.
  • Operational execution of technical tasks set by the client.
  • Monitoring of domain and hosting service termination dates.
  • Faster loading of portal pages.
  • Regularly scan all site pages for viruses.
  • Remove viruses from the portal.