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On lead generation in the field of IT

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Allowing online store owners to get the most out of it and increase the profitability of the resource at the lowest cost.

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Team of Professionals

from the field of IT, design, SEO and Internet marketing, who combined their experience and efforts to promote, optimize sites, as well as attract customers in the online segment.

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Our clients

As a professional company, we purposefully approach each of our projects for the promotion and development of sites, one of them is spin4play - an informative portal in the gambling business.
We are a team of competent professionals who find an individual approach to all projects related to the promotion and development of sites, just one of our works is the Popular-Rating information resource dedicated to the topic of online gambling business.
As a professional company, we take a responsible approach to all our website promotion and development projects, one of which is spin2play, an informational website dedicated to online gambling.


Web development

  • We will create a website from scratch where you can present your own products and services, acquaint potential customers with the assortment, and demonstrate the benefits. We will develop absolutely any site: a corporate portal, a business card site, a landing page, a catalog or a modern online store. We are always ready to offer you a website using a template, or create a unique design for your brand from scratch.
  • Development of an individual solution. Our company is interested in long-term and successful cooperation with all clients. We always try to work according to the most effective scheme: we analyze the customer's business, evaluate his direct competitors in the market, calculate strengths and weaknesses. In the end, all this will help us develop the most effective strategy.
  • Absolute transparency. For each of the types of services provided, we conclude an agreement where we clearly spell out all the obligations assumed. Every month we send a full report on the work done. If you have a desire, then you can personally communicate with each specialist who is working to promote your brand on the Internet, or working on a website.

B2B Marketing

  • Determining the effectiveness of advertising:
  • Lead management and e-mail marketing;
  • Split tests;
  • Personalization
  • Communication with customers on the way to making a purchase.
  • Improving landing pages (one-page sites);
  • Improving the uniqueness of the offer on the main page
  • Targeting content to foreign audiences

SEO optimization

  • Full site audit. Identification of errors hindering progress, current positions on promoted key queries.
  • Optimizing pages
  • Content marketing(creation of landing pages for key queries);
  • Competitive analysis
  • Statistics and analytics.Providing general site statistics, quantity visitors across all traffic channels, conversion site, etc.
  • Strategies to increase profits

Payment solutions

  • assistance in opening merchant and bank accounts required for financial transactions.
  • account opening Visa и MasterCard and also offer alternative payment solutions
  • assistance in performing procedures Due Diligence

i4B B2B

B2B integration with third-party platforms and systems will provide the enterprise with a number of advantages

B2B system the ability to target content. For each segment or a specific company in the system, you can individually configure news, promotions, advertising banners and special offers. Thus, you can personalize information for those customers who are potentially interested in it.

Back office Service, support, support unit to ensure work central Office of operational processes is a set of divisions or departments that perform the functions of registration, registration and accounting of various operations.


IQ4WEB the company specializes in lead generation,B2B marketing, SEO promotion,as well as connecting payment solutions.

Team IQ4WEB brings together specialists in the field of IT, design, SEO and Internet marketing from various European countries. Our mission is to introduce creative and innovative solutions in the field of IT in order to increase the conversion of sites.

Europe, Russia, Asia, Ukraine, Romania, UK

Why us

We have colossal experience in the field of online gambling and use only advanced tools SEO and internet marketing .
Working with us you:

save your advertising budget

increase website conversion

get detailed analytics and summary reports on the resource

establish constant contact with the target audience of the resource