Context Advertisement

How does PPC advertising help promote your brand?

Using a context advertisement, you will be able without the special efforts, to grow the client base. Perhaps the main criterion for success is the choice of the right type of advertising and its competent optimization, which will allow you to get the highest return on advertising spending. If your company needs contextual advertising, then ordering it from us is an excellent variant. We will take care of the promotion of your company!

Contextual advertising in search engines allows potential customers to find exactly your products and services on the Internet, and precisely at the moment when they need it. Contextual advertising is a great opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness on the Internet, and you will always contact your target audience. Announcements of context advertisement are the most flexible and accessible form of advancement : you give them in the time chosen by you and pay exceptionally for activity of users is a transition on announcement, viewing of video etc. Our clients independently choose how to attract new users using contextual advertising on Google. For example, you can use a classic text message in a search engine, or you can use graphics, ads in applications, or when viewing videos on YouTube. Mass of variants.

Google Context Advertising:

  • Preparation - Competent planning is the guarantor of an effective advertising campaign, this is the only way to achieve the goal. Preparations are based on timelines and phases. This will allow us to avoid unnecessary and unnecessary spending on diverse marketing activities and immediately achieve an acceptable result. Also on this stage we engage in the analysis of your target audience and advertisement of basic competitors at the market. We conduct a technical analysis of your portal and usability. In addition, before starting a campaign, we need to weed out an inappropriate audience in order to reduce advertising costs. It will also be necessary to assess the seasonality of your business in order to plan possible traffic fluctuations and draw up an optimal campaign plan during the peak season. The result will be the development of a final strategy.
  • Preparing to place contextual advertising on the Internet.
  • Each month it will be required to conduct the analysis of the campaign, having regard to unconvertion queries. Optimize costs and make adjustments to your advertising campaign. Create new ads aimed at different target audience groups and identify the most effective of them. Analysis of information using Google Analytics service. Analysis of the collected information on the efficiency of attracting traffic to the resource and introduction of additional advertising (mailing to email, mentioning in videos on YouTube, etc.). Search new options for upgrading your company portal.

Start of Advertising Campaign.

  • On average, the start of the campaign will take no more than 2-3 days. Due to the literate planning that we engaged in before, and also carefully planned strategy, it is possible to obtain magnificent results to attract new users. Except for this, it is necessary to influence the automated services which will monitor the effectiveness of the advertising campaign so that we can quickly respond to all changes and make amendments. We also integrate an "online consultant" who will always be in touch with potential users, which will positively affect conversion.
  • Receiving First Ad Campaign Reports
  • We regularly inform our customers about the results of advertising and provide a full report on the work done. We associate the Advertising account with the Google Analytics account in a single whole, if there is such an opportunity, so that the client himself can regularly check the effectiveness of contextual advertising. The price of it is not the cheapest, so we work as pure as possible so that the client can make sure that we do not waste his money. If you are interested in contextual advertising in Ukraine, then we offer our services. We do all the work as efficiently and quickly as possible, as well as at the most democratic prices in the country.